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Mobile Google on your Nokia phone

Crochik GApp is a web browser optimized for one task: browse google application using your touch screen device.

Crochik Gapp allows you to access gmail, google docs, google calendar, google+, google search and many others.

Supports geo-location, zoom, multiple gmail accounts and much more.

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With the new release of GApp you can upgrade the application using the Ovi In-app purchase. The purchase is handled by Nokia/Ovi Store and work exactly like the Store Application.

After you upgrade, the application will not display ads on the top of the page, leaving the entire screen for your content. No Ads means less downloading, saving on your data plan and potentially making your content download quicker.

How to Install

Symbian version: Ovi Store

Known Issues

  • Hard to select "translate to language" on google translate do to lack of scrolling on dropdown box
  • limited functionality in google maps

Do you have an idea for this application? Want to report a bug?


You can also send an email to gapp@crochik.com