MyContacts goal is to allow quick access to the "the most used contacts", context-sensitive “routes” and supplement some popular features on other mobile phones not present on the n900: grouping contacts, custom ring tones per group and black list (auto-reject calls).

MyContacts is an application suite that offers a "desktop widget", alternative contacts front-end with multiple views, services to monitor incoming calls (custom ring tones per group and auto-reject calls) and a simple interface to the "online accounts" and contacts.

MyContacts offers alternative "call and sms" routes based on context (online accounts statuses, local or international call) and interfaces with other community developed projects to offer even more options to initiate text, voice and video calls. It supports telepathy accounts and can be integrated directly with FastSMS, fMMS, VICaR and/or qgvdial. MyContacts can also automatically initiate SkypeOut and GoogleVoice calls by sending DTMF tones.

Other features include grouping contacts, multiple views, resizable desktop widget for quick access to up to 75 contacts divided in 5 groups, virtual keyboard on portrait mode and “auto-reject calls”.

MyContacts is available for maemo5 platform and was developed using Qt 4.7 (Mobility Contacts, dbus, maemo5 modules) and telepathy Qt.

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